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Devon Zombie Events was founded by Jamie Pearce in 2015 an avid fan of the series the walking dead and all things zombie inspired him to start up his own unique events with his business partner Beth Pye.

Filming and Production by Mark Champion of CC Aerial Solutions.

Zombie live events trainer Nickie Champion, and many more deliver a real life Apocalyptic experience with the undead.

People can volunteer as zombies, where they can attend the boot camps for the events to learn how to be a zombie, find out what their individual zombie roll will entail and meet Team DZEvents and the professional team of make up artists lead by Lexi Gilbert (The Blue Girl) who will work their undead magic on you. The boot camps are led by Jamie himself who has worked with The Walking Dead.

For those individuals daring enough to enter as a team you can take part in the experience guided by actors where you will encounter game play, problem solving and sheer terror while fending off hordes of zombies thirsting for your flesh.

Our main location at present is Lupton house but we are looking at many other venues to bring you more events in the future, watch this space.